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AFC Productions

About The AFC Multi-Cultural Children’s Theater Co.

The AFC Multi-Cultural Children’s Theater Co. (AFC MCT) is a community-driven performing arts and culture project. The mission of the AFC MCT is to provide positive social outlets and forms of expression by teaching youth and adults to develop and utilize their own artistic skills in an effort to build self-esteem, promote social unity and restore economic vitality.

The AFC MCT has served residents and youth of the Chicago Metropolitan and Northwest Indiana communities for over ten years. We work to provide alternatives to gangs and drugs for youth and adults through performance arts and participation in artistic projects and activities.

Over the past five years AFC-MCT has produced and performed five Broadway style stage productions and an array of smaller productions for public and private schools in Chicago metropolitan area. As an outgrowth of a public safety initiative, these theatrical works are used as a means to reach at-risk youth and adults as a cultural learning experience that provides an opportunity for the arts.

The AFC-MCT Production team works diligently and collaboratively to create, produce, and perform musical productions. It is the plan of the AFC-MCT to produce theatrical presentations that address the pressures that youth face and the quest for solutions. These performances portray the real life situations youth face everyday and the circumstances with which they are accompanied. It also presents young people with examples of sound thinking strategies, decision-making tools, and options for solutions. As a result, the youth will be better equipped to deal responsibly with the many challenges ahead.

In addition to its live performances, AFC MCT also offers schools, community groups, and churches a Performing Arts Curriculum. The curriculum is taught by the principal actors in the Theater Co. and comprises up to four Modules. The modules include: a pre-assessment to measure participants understanding of performing arts and a post-assessment to measure the level of enhancement of participants’ artistic skills; hands-on training that works to assist them in developing and utilizing their own artistic skills. This will be accomplished through performing arts classes in dance, drama, art, music, acting, and writing; the participants apply the theory and techniques learned and showcase their talents in a live performance.

For more information on how to become a partner with the AFC Multi-Cultural Theatre Co., referring us to a school, community group, or church who might be interested in attending our shows or signing up for curriculum project please contact: Sharod Gordon, Production Manager, at 773.742.5318.
For more information please contact
Sharod Gordon at 773.723.5400

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